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Terms last revised: November 24, 2023


By using this Site, you agree to be bound by, and to comply with, these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use this site.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. Unless otherwise indicated, amendments will become effective immediately. Please review these Terms and Conditions periodically. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes and/or modifications will constitute your acceptance of the revised Terms and Conditions and the reasonableness of these standards for notice of changes. For your information, this page was last updated as of the date at the top of these terms and conditions.


We have the full right to terminate your account at anytime, with or without notice. Your account will be terminated if you are found violating any of our terms you agreed by when using KressentHosting.


You as a Client of KressentHosting are in charge of cancelling your services on billing.kressenthosting.com. If you do not do so it will automatically be renewed.

In the case of autoamtic payments being done, if you meant to have cancelled a service and wish to do so and wish a refund, you have twenty (20) hours to contact our billing team via Billing Tickets, anything surpassed 24 hours you will be refused for a refund.

In event of doing a chargeback or reveresed transactions made on your account, you will have your account terminated and banned from using our servers

You as a Client of KressentHosting are responsible for cancelling automatic payments after you have a terminated service if it has not been done so.


We offer a forty­eight (48) hour refund policy on your first purchase with KressentHosting with Minecraft, Discord & VPS Hosting services. If you are not satisfied you do have an option to request for a refund. We do not provide refunds if they are passed our forty­eight (48) Hour policy and if it's on a subsequent purchase. If you wish to get a refund you must create a billing ticket on our billing panel. billing.kressenthositng.com.

You are entitled to one single forty­eight (48) hour refund while following our forty­eight (48) hour refund policy procedure.

KressentHosting Account Credits are non­refundable, once used there is no refunds regardless of our forty­eight (48) hour refund policy.

Our Dedicated Servers are non refundable. Once these services have been activated, there will not be any refunds or account credits given. The mentioned services here are not eligible to our forty­eight (48) hour refund policy. Purchases are final for the mentioned services


Invoices are generated ten (10) days in advance before the services renewal date

Late payments will lead to your invoice having a late fee percentage of 10%. 10% Late fee is given one day after the service due date.

Emails are always sent at a certain period of time to keep you informed on any overdue service payment and when a payment is due.


Suspensions occur on the due date of the service, services will not be unsuspended under no circumstances unless and until service is paid for.

Minecraft, VPS & Discord Bot Hosting services are terminated four (4) days after the service due date. Once a service is terminated, automated backups and client data is completely terminated along with it with no restoration alternatives. Once this termination has occured, KressentHosting does not hold any automated backups or client data onwards after service is terminated. Dedicated Servers are excluded for this term.

Dedicated Server Hosting is excluded from this term, Dedicated Servers are suspended on the service's due date, and giving you only twenty­four (24) hours to pay for until its terminatation. Once termination is done, there is no data recovery at this time.


We provide a 99.9% Uptime on our Hosting Services we provide. This does not include, maintenance and events outside of KressentHosting direct control such as, but not limited to acts of God.

Planned maintenance or events that occur out of KressentHosting's control does not include to our uptime. If you are unable to connect to any of our services because of your connection, this is not our responsibility but on your part.

Prohibited Uses of KressentHosting Services

Any form of Illegal Activity

DDoS Attacks/Dos Attacks

Port scanning

Booter & Stresser services

Bot netting

IP spoofing

IP Abuse in any form or way

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